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A couple of cool things...

I haven't posted much here in months because my computer likes to crash while blogging for some reason. I'm giving it a go and living on the edge today because I wanted to get the word out about a couple of cool things.

I'll be at the Sheboygan Children's Book Festival on Saturday, Oct 13th with Sarah Weeks, Ilsa J. Bick, Jacqueline Houtman, and Julie Halpern, where we'll discuss the roles of family in novels for children and teens. The panel will be moderated by Mitch Teich of WUWM radio and should be fun! I've never been to the Kohler Arts Center and this is a great way to get there. :-) We'll be signing our books afterward, too. 

I'll also be presenting Writing for Children & Teens: What Aspiring Authors Need to Know on Sunday at 1:30. I'll be signing Mercy Lily afterward as well.
More info is here: http://sheboyganchildrensbookfestival.org/ nd it looks like a great event to take young kids, grandkids, tween & teens too!
Lastly, I received word that I'll be including in an upcoming edition of Contemporary Authors Reference, a large volume of short profiles of authors. I think every author is listed in these volumes but I was especially tickled by it because I used one of those massive books when I was writing Lois Lowry's biography so now to be in it, is kind of cool. :-)

Summer went by super fast and was busy, fun, and too flipping hot! Today is sunny and cool and the windows are open. Ahhhh. Enjoy your day!

xo Lisa~